Why Vivid Face?

Why Vivid Face?

Self-care is essential to find balance with our hectic South Florida lifestyle. Most of us are familiar with meditation, yoga, massage or the typical spa day. All of these practices have their benefits and can rejuvenate and invigorate your mind, body and spirit. And some even have visible benefits as well, removing those noticeable signs of stress and worry from your shoulders and your face. Often we turn to the traditional facial to restore health and vibrancy to the face.

In 2016 we need skin solutions for the modern age. Innovative and cutting edge laser treatments, curated by Adam Gropper, MD, combine the power of medicines’ most advanced treatments to achieve potent, visible effects.

VIVID Face treatments stimulate collagen production, clear and tighten pores, and give your skin a healthy glow. Requiring only 20 minutes and no downtime, it’s the perfect solution to fit skin care into your busy schedule.

With 3 unique protocols we can address your concerns for pigment reduction, skin smoothing and skin tightening. After a short series of treatments, the results are both simple and amazing. Patients report a return of a visibly noticeable youthful appearance, illumination that is VIVID.

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