Top 5 Tattoo Blunders

Top 5 Tattoo Blunders

You walked into that tattoo parlor full of confidence that the design you chose would be the most creative, brilliant, and talked about tattoo ever. Many years and shocked expressions later, you realize that you were right about one thing. People do talk about your tattoo, but not at all in the way you expected.

You, my friend, may have committed one of the Top 5 Tattoo Blunders.

 Oops Times Five

Don’t feel bad…it happens all the time. Here are some more of the ways that people can mess up body art.

  1. There is just no other way to say it – it’s ugly. What you thought would be a work of art is just a shapeless blob of ink that you can’t hide even though you want to. Your rookie mistake of hiring an inexperienced tattoo artist is on display for the world to see.
  1. The real estate is wrong. No matter what the eager tattoo guy told you, a tattoo on the face or neck doesn’t look cool. It’s the first thing people see when they look at you. They skip your sparkling personality altogether. That could explain why you haven’t gotten a second interview (or a second date) in years.
  1. There’s this little book called the dictionary that you can even use online these days. Sadly, you (or your tattoo artist) failed to consult it and are now stuck for all time having a tattoo with a misspelled word. You tell yourself that others don’t judge you for it, but they actually do. Sorry.
  1. The quotation that seemed so enlightening when you went through the young adult searching years now strikes you and everyone else as a bit…well…goofy. You may even have started giving alternate meanings when people ask what it means because even you don’t remember anymore.
  1. So it turns out that celebrities can suffer the same fall from grace as the rest of us mortals. When the rock star you worshiped once upon a time turns out to be someone with questionable morals at best, do you really want to be guilty by association? That just might be your fate when his or her name or likeness is tattooed across your forearm.

Don’t Let Tattoo Regret Get You Down

We all make mistakes, but who knew your mom was actually right when she said life at 40 would be so much different than it was at 20?

You don’t have to live with tattoo regret. Getting rid of unwanted ink is faster and easier than ever with Vivid Tattoo Removal and our Enlighten™ laser. To schedule a consultation with Vivid, or for more information, just click here.

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