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You might have brown spots or areas of brown pigment in various areas of your face.  You may also have red areas or prominent veins, perhaps on the cheeks or nose.  There are a couple of options for treatment:

I’d like to gently reduce pigment without any downtime or discomfort


I don’t mind some downtime and discomfort to get more immediate results!


Stay Younger. Longer.

Being a Vivid Face client means having easy access to our innovative skin procedures, ranging from discreet to intense, that help you Stay Younger. Longer. If you prefer a no-pain, no-downtime approach to beauty the Vivid Facial Treatment is perfect for you. Best of all, the benefits of our signature Vivid Facial Treatments are cumulative so we have designed an array of package options to fit your schedule.

Adam S Gropper M.D. Founder, Vivid Face


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