Kari A. Gropper, LE, CME

Kari A. Gropper, LE, CME

Kari A. Gropper, LE, CME

Mrs. Kari Gropper is a certified clinical and medical electrologist and specializes in Laser Hair Removal.


She has spent 24 years in the medical industry with a broad perspective of the many aspects of this field. In 2008 she began her journey of marrying her medical background with her desire to help people and her interest in skin care. Kari first became a licensed esthetician, then a licensed electrologist. She has performed thousands of laser hair removal treatments.


Kari is a graduate of the Aveda Institute of South Florida in Esthetics and Florida College of Natural Health in Electrology.

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Kari A. Gropper, LE, CME
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