How to Know When It’s Time for Tattoo Removal

It probably started out as a really great idea. A tattoo strategically placed on your lower backside to help commemorate Spring Break 2004. The ball and chain on your right thigh tattooed during your bachelorette party 12 years ago. The sugar skull you spent hours designing and had to have […]

Get Rid of Your Double Chin Forever.

Forget about growing old gracefully. These days, any number of skin care innovations let you take charge of your appearance so you can stay younger longer. One of our favorite innovations over the last few years is the recently approved Kybella™. (LINK TO: Kybella is the only FDA-approved non-surgical […]

What Can You Do About Sun Damaged Skin?

Who doesn’t love to spend a day in the sun? The feel of the warmth on your face and just hanging out with family and friends is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face. The only cloudy spot is that the sun often brings more to your face than […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Laser Hair Removal

If you’re a woman with unwanted facial hair, you can officially blame it on your estrogen hormones. As you get older, the supply of this critical hormone dips and can become unbalanced. One day you look in the mirror and are horrified to see a dark, course hair growing out […]

Top 5 Tattoo Blunders

You walked into that tattoo parlor full of confidence that the design you chose would be the most creative, brilliant, and talked about tattoo ever. Many years and shocked expressions later, you realize that you were right about one thing. People do talk about your tattoo, but not at all […]

Love it. Love it, not.

How Does Tattoo Removal Work? You knew when you got your tattoo way back when that it was permanent – and you felt confident with your choice. But now that you’re well into adulthood, you may be having regrets. Perhaps the tattoo is no longer an accurate reflection of your […]

Reverse Sun Damage and Dark Spots

Many people in Miami and other high sun areas are affected by some kind of skin condition, either chronic or cosmetic, related to sun exposure. All those fun summer vacations baking in the sun begin to appear in the form of dark pigmentation known as sunspots. What if we told […]

Why Vivid Face?

Self-care is essential to find balance with our hectic South Florida lifestyle. Most of us are familiar with meditation, yoga, massage or the typical spa day. All of these practices have their benefits and can rejuvenate and invigorate your mind, body and spirit. And some even have visible benefits as […]